2009 Hawaii Elder Law And Estate Planning Update

How much in assets can a husband and wife have and still qualify for Medicaid to pay nursing home costs for one of them? Effective January 1, 2009, a husband and wife together can have $111,560 in assets and still have Medicaid pay for the nursing home costs for one of them. (The amount in 2008 is $106,400.) This $111,560 is in addition to the following exempt assets, which the government will not count: necessities such as clothing, furniture and appliances; read more

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They are friendly, responsive, confident, and knowledgeable. Very personally attentive and the fee is reasonable.

— M. Evans, Mount Dora, FL

I feel like I know my attorney and that she cares about me.

— Pamela Bernard, Madera, CA

I felt as though a trusted family member was helping me all the way to the completion of the Trust settlement.

— Kiyoko Kuwada, Mililani

The whole experience was overwhelming but with all the friendly and professional help, I got through it to everyone’s satisfaction.

— E. Sakamoto, Hilo

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Hawaii Medicaid & Elder Law


When Probate is Necessary

We help our clients avoid probate. However, when a person dies without having done proper estate planning, a probate is often necessary. Probate is a court proceeding. The laws governing probate in Hawaii are Hawaii state laws. There are no federal probate laws. Probate in Hawaii is necessary when a person dies owning any real estate in his or her name alone, no matter how small the value of the real estate. Probate is also required when the total read more

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Best Law Firm 2009With attorneys in Honolulu and on the Big Island, Okura & Associates serves clients on Oahu, Kauai, Maui, Molokai and the Big Island. We were voted the Best Law Office on the Island of Hawaii in six separate years in the Readers’ Choice poll of the island’s largest daily newspaper. Specializing in Estate Planning, Elder Law and Probate, we are gaining a statewide reputation for our expertise in protecting assets from nursing home costs.

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