At Okura & Associates we believe in specialization. Each of our attorneys specializes either in Estate Planning and Elder Law, or in Probate and Trust Settlement. Estate and gift tax laws and Medicaid laws are very complex. By specializing, we are able to keep up with the latest changes in the law. We are also able to develop years of experience and expertise in a specific area of law. If you needed heart bypass surgery, you probably would not ask your physician friend to perform the surgery, even if he is a competent doctor in general practice. You would want to have the surgery done by a specialist with years of practical experience in performing heart surgery. Similarly, when you choose an estate planning, elder law, or probate attorney, it is very important that you choose a competent specialist. By doing so, you have the best possible chance of learning what all of your options are, and receiving expert guidance in deciding which option best fits your individual situation.


Another advantage of specialization is the possibility of creativity. By understanding well both estate and gift tax laws as well as federal and state Medicaid laws, Okura & Associates has been able to develop creative techniques which have saved many of our clients hundreds of thousands of dollars each. For example, we have been able to create successful techniques which Medicaid eligibility workers tell us that they have never seen any other attorney use to protect assets from nursing home costs. We have been able to legally take advantage of IRS rules to provide tax benefits for our clients’ children or other beneficiaries which are often lost with more conventional techniques.

Creativity can be understood by considering the skill of a jazz musician. A good jazz musician can produce amazing improvisations, but only after practicing for years to master basic techniques. A mediocre musician who has not mastered the basics would make many mistakes when trying to be creative in improvisation. Similarly, when an attorney who is not an experienced specialist tries to be creative in estate planning or Medicaid planning, serious mistakes can occur, resulting in great loss for the client. By specializing, Okura & Associates attorneys confidently offer sound traditional estate planning and Medicaid planning, together with opportunities for creativity which can result in huge savings for you.

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